The first Archival Recordings Zine is out now!

The first Archival Recordings Zine is out now!
Glendale & Montana, Echo Park. From Archival Recordings Zine 01

The first entry in a new, ongoing series of publications, Archival Recordings Zine 01 starts at the beginning. Featuring photography from 2006 to 2013, this collection of work is a portrait of a Los Angeles that was undergoing a transformation that would change the character and texture of the city forever.

The best way to get a copy is the brand new Archival Recordings Zine Subscription!

I will be releasing a new Archival Recordings zine quarterly (4 zines a year). You can have them all sent directly for $50 USD by subscribing to the paid tier of Archival Recordings. This will also get you access to more premium content like photoessays and articles based on my archive of 15+ years. Click the link below to subscribe:

You can also purchase the zine directly at Structure & Hue without a subscription.